Emergency Services

If you're a citizen requiring special assistance or response to an emergency, please click the link above.

Upon completing this form, please mail or fax to: Newbury Police 9-1-1 Coordinator (978) 499-3907

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EMS Special Announcements

January 28, 2022:
The Newbury Emergency Management Agency is currently monitoring a significant winter event in our area. 
We are expecting blizzard or near blizzard conditions from January 29 12am to January 29, 7pm.Emergency services are prepared and ready to respond to this situation. 

Newbury Emergency Management Press Release

Please review the links below to better prepare yourselves and your families for this event.


Emergency Management Director:
Chief John R. Lucey Jr.

Weather-Related Emergency Resources

If you have an emergency related to the weather, please call us immediately at 978-462-4440

Emergency Management Services