Please review the following information before requesting a police detail:

  • By policy, the Newbury Police Department will not accept paid details at establishments or functions where alcoholic beverages are to be served and crowd control (as opposed to traffic control) duties are expected. 

  • There is a minimum billing of 4 hours per Officer.

  • After 4 hours, the minimum billing hours will be 8 hours.

  • Any hours worked over 8 hours will be billed at a time and one half overtime rate per actual hours worked.

  • You will be billed a 4 (four) hour minimum for a detail that is cancelled without more than a 2 (two) hour advanced notice to the Newbury Communications Operator at (978) 462-4440 ext 0.

  • The Newbury Police Dept. reserves the right to require payment in advance.

Upon request, the Newbury Police Department will provide paid police details for approved private functions, situations, or events (at the discretion of the Chief of Police).

This popular service can be used in many forums.

(E.g. Traffic or crowd control for large weddings, civic assemblies, parties, auctions, road services where traffic may be impeded, etc. )

Detail Rates are as Follows:

The Regular Rate & schedule of pay are as follows:

$55.00 per hour per Officer.

$5.50 per hour per Officer (Admin Fee.) 

$60.50 per hour, per Officer.

The Weekend Rate* & schedule of pay are as follows:

$82.50 per hour per Officer.

$8.25 per hour per Officer (Admin Fee.) 

$90.75 per hour, per Officer.

The Holiday Rate** & schedule of

pay are as follows:

$110.00 per hour per Officer.

$11.00 per hour per Officer (Admin Fee.) 

$121.00 per hour, per Officer.

*Weekend Rates are in effect Friday 6pm - Sunday 11:59pm

**Click Here for a list of applicable Holidays



By clicking the link below you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms listed above.

(Upon submitting the completed form, your request will be sent to our administrator for review. You will be contacted, within two days of submission to finalize the arrangements.)

Police Detail Request

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